Jack Jaffe’s Singers’ Club, London

A unique open mic in central London, Jack Jaffe’s weekly Singers Club is now in its 13th year – a longevity unmatched by any other open mic event. Meeting every Monday night, 7.45-10.45pm, at the Henry Holland, 39 Duke St*, W1V 1LP, it provides professional keyboard accompan-iment, sheet-music on request, the opportunity to sing at […]

Duke of York


Songs And Lyrics from Television's Biggest Show - Popular Music From American Idol

Fox Televisions American Idol is undeniably televisions biggest show today. It has been the highest rated show for the last seven years, garnering rating that other shows cannot even duplicate. Perhaps this is because the show combines two common interests of people: music and drama. Because of this, American Idol has a very deep talent […]

Kids of the Future: Songs For and About the Youth

Teenagers are often the topic or the theme of songs and their consequent lyrics. After all, this time and period in ones life is often the most colorful and the most poetic; the overwhelming number of literature and films created to depict this period can attest to that. In fact, this topic already has a […]