Leicester Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival -

Before we know it Summer will be upon us, and so will this music festival……

Solid Entertainments is delighted to announce that Leicester Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival will be taking place at Leicester Arena on Sunday 3rd June 2018

The Leicester Arena provides the largest and most flexible space in the city. Costing £4.5 million and […]

North Finchley Music Festival

North Finchley Music Festival
M’s Place
Saturday 20th May
RadFax on stage 13:00
787 High Road
North Finchley
N12 8JT

RadFax gig guide May to July 2017


Rock It! May the 4th Be With You

Look out sci-fi fans, this months Rock It! has a space twist! Whether the bands are doing space-themed songs or sound like they’re FROM outer-space, this one’s sure to satisfy your inner sci-fi geek. So grab your kara kesh, lightsaber or bat’leth and come join the space nerd action with:

Dr. VZX Moist
Without frills Dr VZX […]

Radfax gigs-Live at #30FEST Camden Town Saturday 16th July 12:45