Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado - Danish Blues-Rockers touchdown in the UK this month!

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado……….a magnificent band and what a great new album!

They have been called one of the most successful blues & roots bands on the European continent, and are selling out most venues when they play there for the 2nd time.  From now until April next year, they have more than 50 confirmed gigs, in 8 countries and next month, they return to the UK for their first four date tour of Northern England and Scotland.  The great news for live music lovers in and around Manchester, particularly those that haven’t seen or heard them yet, is that they are playing at Band On The Wall on Sunday 1st October!

Words alone cannot convey the musical dynamics and chemistry of this Octet and the only way to truly experience this is by seeing them live. Having said this, to get a real feel for what this band are all about, you can have a look and listen to a brand new live video from Culemborg Blues (NL) at

In 2003, singer and guitarist Thorbjørn Risager asked some of his favourite musicians to join him in a brand new band, choosing the name ”Thorbjørn Risager Blue 7”.  Playing initially in and around Denmark, it didn’t take too long for them to get international recognition when BluesWax, a well-respected US publication made this comment about their third album ‘Here I Am’; Sometimes a singer’s voice just stands out and forces you to listen. Take one part Ray Charles, one part Bob Seger, and one part Joe Cocker and you may have the vocal instrument of Denmark’s Thorbjørn Risager”.

In between playing 100 gigs a year in 21 countries, they have managed to write, record and release a range of new material and in 2014 they secured a record deal with Ruf Records.  In the same year, before the release of the multi-award-winning album ”Too Many Roads”, they decided to add the band name ”The Black Tornado” – to signify that this is a real band and not some random musicians that back up a vocalist.

With Change My Game, Thorbjørn has raised the stakes once again. In a world where most bands are content to tread water, here’s an album that breaks new creative ground, explores fresh musical directions and delivers a bold batch of songs that are at once catchy and immediate, but rich with deeper meaning.  Released in the UK on 27th January 2017 by Ruf Records, Change My Game is not just an album title, but also the guiding ethos that has driven this band from the start. Since making their first impact with 2006’s From The Heart, Thorbjørn and his all-star line-up have dodged media pigeonholes and broken down the boundaries of genre, their confidence to experiment growing with every year spent together on the road. Now, on this 11th album, their musical leap is greater than ever before, with dynamic arrangements sent through the roof by the band’s musicianship and Thorbjørn’s electrifying vocal.

The band’s latest album has had plenty of international airplay and some really great reviews.  In the UK, Paul Jones and Huey Morgan played tracks on their BBC programmes and it regularly featured on the playlist of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association…………and still is!

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado, with support from Elles Bailey, at Band On The Wall on Sunday 1st October 2017

The venue is located at 25 Swan Street, The Northern Quarter, Manchester, Lancashire M4 5JZ

Advance tickets are £16.00 + bf and can be purchased by calling 0161 832 1111 or online at 

To see, hear and find out more about Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado and where else they are playing in the UK, please check out or

Don’t be late, doors open at 7.00 p.m.

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