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Registration, Login and General Enquiries

Gig Events Guide Calendar FAQ

Music Business Directory FAQ

Musicians Classified Ads FAQ

Articles, Interviews, Press Releases, Reviews FAQ


Registration, Login and General Enquiries

Q. Is registration required to veiw or search any part of the site?

A. No … you only need to register if you wish to post articles, events, classifieds or links to the relevant section.

Q. How much does it cost to register?

A. Registration is FREE

Q. How do I join Gig Events Guide?

A. To join Gig Events Guide, use the Contact Form to request a free account, include the band, artist or event link if available and a valid email address (NO HOTMAIL addresses).  The administrator will review your request and advise you if successful. An email will be sent to the email address you entered containing an activation link which must be clicked to confirm and complete the registration process. Once your email address has been confirmed you may login and click the ‘Site Admin’ link to edit your profile information, handle your newsletter subscription or add listings, reviews and articles to the relevant sections.

Q. Do I have to pay to post an event or review?

A. No. Adding gig/event listings costs nothing, however, there are some optional features like the classifieds and business directory listings that we may charge for.

Q. I registered at site but am unable to login here! Help!

A. To comply to privacy and data protection laws, original members personal data from the old site has not been transferred. This means that unfortunately you must register again here. This new site has a single registration and login to access all the sections.

Q. I have lost my password…. how do I retrieve it?

A. Click ‘password reminder’ and fill out the form provided to have a your password sent to your email address.

Q. How do I hide the WordPress Developer News and other items in my Admin area?

A. Click Screen Options tab in the top right hand corner of the screen (under your user name and log out link). Untick the boxes to hide sections that you do not wish to see in your administration area. Select the number of columns you wish to view then click the Screen Options tab to save and close the option menu.

Q. How do I subscribe / unsubscribe from the newsletter?

A.To change your subscription settings, login to with the login details chosen on registration. In the left hand navigation column, click on Profile, then Subscriptions, select the option you require then click Update Preferences.


Gig Events Guide Calendar FAQ

Q. Why has the gig guide changed?

A. We had issues with the old calendar and decided to change the gig guide for several reasons

1. To simplify the registration, login and administration

2. To enhance the member and user experience

3. To provide more features and services

Q. Why do we have to register and login to add gigs?

A. Registration is required to add and edit your entries. Registration is FREE and enables full access to all the features from the user administration panel. Posting gig and concert listings is FREE.

Q. What new features are available?

A. Add and Edit your gig listings, assign them to a post. View listings you have posted. Add Venues or artists own page and link all your events to it!! Add further information, links and upload images to your own page of event listings. Bookmark events you are interested in for later viewing to your favourites folder, MySpace, Facebook or other application. Email and Share your gig listings and information to your friends and fans. Add your band site, venue site or event site. Online tickets – include link to site or retailer where tickets are available for purchase. Add more info!

Q. Is there a mailing list or newsletter that sends out latest event news?

A. Yes! Our new site includes an integral opt in newsletter mailing list which will send out the latest event listings, additions, info and updates on a weekly basis. You may opt in or out of the weekly newsletter during the registration process or from your user control panel after login.

Q. When did the changeover occur?

A. We switched over the gig guide to a new system on 16th October 2009

Q. Where can I find the gig guide calendar?

A. Click on ‘Gig Calendar’ link located under the header in the top navigation menu on any page. Visitors may also access the page by clicking on ‘View All Shows’ link located at the end of the right sidebar listings.

Q. What are the guidelines for posting an event?

A. Members are welcome to post as many gig and concert events as they wish, however we ask that you do not submit duplicate listings and follow these guidelines to ensure your listing remains on the system.

1. Only post LEGITIMATE gigs – please DO NOT advertise products and services here as this type of post will be deleted … (use the CLASSIFIEDS or DIRECTORY sections instead!)

2. Include all relevant details including full venue name, address, postcode, telephone number and link to website (where available) as well as the name of the act/band/event with further information.

3. You may post as many events as you wish but please do not post duplicate events  – note this does not apply to ongoing events like weekly/monthly open mic and jam nights which have different dates.

4. You may NOT use website addresses in the TITLE of your gig post!! Please enter a proper heading in the title or page name section i.e., My Band or My Venue or My Band Events Listings

Q. How Do I Add Gigs/Events

A. You must be registered and logged in to add events. Once logged in you should be automatically redirected to the user dashboard where you will find the navigation panel. (see images below).

1. There are two places where you can find the link to add or edit gigs. In the left hand navigation column of the user control panel click GigPress then click Add A Show OR in the top bar on the left of your username, click the small arrow next to New Post then click Add A Show.

User Panel - click for large image

User Admin with Instructions - click for larger image

User Admin with Instructions – click for larger image

In the next screen enter the event details into the form provided. Use the drop down box to select an artist who is already listed or select Add a new artist and enter the Artist name in to the new field that will appear. Then use the drop down box to select the venue for your show. If the venue is not listed, select Add a new venue then enter the venue name, address and other details including any extra details like website url, contact phone number, ticket url. (Artists and Venues added here will automatically be added to the database and will appear in the drop down boxes after saving the show.

2. Select a Tour from the drop down box i.e., Concerts

3. Use the Related Post drop down box to select a post to allocate your event to : ‘none’ or ‘Create a new post’ or add the event to an existing post that you created earlier. Then click ‘Add Show’ button to save and display the event in the Gig Calendar.

4. If you have selected Create a new post you may either leave the post with the default title (Artist Name at Venue on Date) or edit this to display a more relevent title. For instance, if you are a venue owner or band, go to the Posts section in the left hand menu then click ‘Edit’. The post name for your listing will appear – click ‘Edit’ and in the next screen change the title to the Venue or Act/Band name. Under the title, you can also change part of the permalink – click edit next to the link and change it to the same text as used in the title – keep it lower case and use a dash – instead of spaces between the words i.e., venue-name. Add any other information into the description box and tick relevant category boxes e.g., Events > Venue or Events > Concert. When you have finished editing the page, click the blue ‘Update Post’ button in the right hand colum to save and display the post. IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only edit/delete listings you have submitted!!

IMPORTANT: If posting a GIG or EVENT please use the Add Show feature FIRST, then go and EDIT the newly created post! To add a normal post (not an event) select the CATAGORY for your post FIRST!. Next enter a SHORT but relevant TITLE – if you care about SEO then copy and paste this into the BODY TITLE SINGLE PAGES, BODY TITLE MULTI POST PAGES, META TITLE and META DESCRIPTION, add a few keywords to the Meta Keyword section and then type your article, review, press release, information, news into the main writing area. You may use the visual editor or the html editor which provides some limited options. When you have finished writing your post, enter a few tags in the Tags and Post Tags fields then click Save Draft or Submit For Review. Your post will be reviewed within 24 / 48 hours and appears on the site as soon as it has been passed. You may still edit your post during this time.

Q. How do I add a Venue without adding a show or event?

A. To add a Venue without adding a show, click on GigPress in the left hand navigation column, then click Venues. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the list to ensure that the venue is NOT already listed on the system BEFORE attempting to add it! If the venue is NOT listed, then use the form provided to enter your venue details. You may also add a permanent post for your venue by clicking Post then Add New. IMMEDIATELY scroll to the catagory section on the right hand side and select Venue as the catagory then enter the venue name and address in the title field and any further information into the description area. Click Publish to save and display the post. Then when you add shows you can select the venue’s own page to attach the event listings which will display beneath the general venue information.

Q. How do I add a Map link to my venue?

A. A map link is automatically created when you enter the correct venue name, address, city, country and postcode into the fields provided. To ensure the map link displays correctly enter the City/Town details as follows : Town Name, PostCode. Then enter the venue name into the venue name field and the street number and/or name into the address field.

Q. How do I add an Artist/Band or Show/Festival name without adding a show?

A. To add an Artist/Band or Show/Festival name without adding a show, click on GigPress in the left hand navigation column, then click Artists. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the list to ensure that the artist is NOT already listed on the system BEFORE attempting to add them! If the Artist/Band or Show/Festival name/title is NOT listed, then use the form provided to add the name/title. Note that for convenience we have already added the titles OPEN MIC and JAM NIGHT for your convenience and these do NOT need to be added again. You ARE allowed to add titles of ARTISTS, BANDS, PLAYS, FESTIVALS i.e, Tenby Blues Festival or Blythe Spirit : A Play are accepted.

Q. I added an event but it doesn’t appear on the Gig Calendar?

A. In most cases, this is because you have added the event as a POST instead of using the ‘Add A Show’ form first. Don’t panic! Follow the directions above to Add a Show then use the Related Post drop down box to find and select the page you created for the event. Click the ‘Add Show’ button to save your event and the page will then display.

Q. How To Edit/Modify Events?

A. In the Admin section, scroll down to the GigPress admin section and click Shows find your show then click Edit. When you have finished editing click Add Show button.

Q. How To Edit/Modify Events own Post Page?

A. In the Admin section, click Posts then click ‘Edit’ Posts – scroll down the list to find the event or click on ‘Author’ name to display all the listings you have submitted

Q. I cannot edit an event or it’s related post why? and how can I change or delete it?

A. All events on the previous calendar program were transferred manually by the administrator who will transfer the event postings to your registered username on request using the contact form. This only applies to events with related posts that have been transferred by the administrator prior to 16th September. Members who have posted events after this date may login and edit the information of their events at any time. When sending an edit/delete event request please include full details including:

Your registered USERNAME

Event Page Link (if created)

Event Title

Event Venue

Event Date

Q. How do I edit a post that I saved as a Draft?

A. In the Post section of the admin control panel, click on ‘Edit’ and find your post, hover your mouse over the post title and a drop down menu will appear underneath with the option to Edit, Quick Edit, Delete or Preview the post you have just submitted.

Q. How to Delete Events?

A. In the GigPress section of the admin control panel, click on Shows and find your event then click Delete.

Q. How to Delete Past Events?

A. In the GigPress section of the admin control panel, click on Shows and find your event then click Delete.

Q. How to submit multiple event listings for the same venue without re-entering all the venue details!

A. In the admin panel, scroll down to the GigPress section and click on ‘ Shows select the venue you require and click Copy and a new listing will be created, edit the date/time and artist and any other information before clicking ‘Add Show’ button to save and display the new listing on the calendar.

Q. How do I find out more information about an event?

A. To find more information about an event, click on Related Post or visit the venue website or use the contact number provided (where available)

Q. How do I Email the event to a friend?

A. To email the event to a friend, click ‘Related Post’ then scroll to the bottom of the information and click the Share/Save button to post it to your Myspace, Facebook page or email to a friend.

Q. How do I Find Gigs and Events?

Browse: Click the Gig Calendar link to view all gigs in all categories. Narrow down your search by clicking the type of event i.e., festival, concert. Previous Events: Click the Past Show link to view past event listings.

Search: Enter a keyword into the search box to find a band, venue or gig in your area.

Q. How do I view the venue location?

A. If the venue location has been entered by the submitter it will appear in the Gig Calendar listing. In some cases the venue name or address is also a link which when clicked will redirect you to Google map of the location.

Q. Is it possible to get a weekly or monthly event registered on

A. Yes and No. There is no policy against weekly events, as you can see by some of the other folk who have included open mic and jam nights in the event listings and in various posts. Unfortunatly the script used to produce the calendar does not currently include a ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’ selection but it is possible to add this by entering multiple events i.e., each weeks events as a new show or using the multi day event box and entering a date in the future.

Q. What is a Tour and why should I select one when adding an event?

A. A ‘Tour’ is simply a type of category which includes other categories like Open Mic and Concert to display the events and make it easier for visitors to find. In the GigPress ‘Add A Show’ section, select the type of event, i.e., Open Mic from the drop down ‘Tour’ box, then select ‘Add a new post’, then enter a title for your post in the field provided underneath and the event will then display in the right category when you click the ‘Add a Show’ button at the bottom of the form. Once a post has been created, you may edit it to include further information, photographs, keyword tags etc., and it will display this as well as the information you have included in the form in a post that is searchable.


Business Directory

Q. How do I submit a link to the directory?

A. Registration is not required. Click Add Business then complete the form provided. Your link will be reviewed and if suitable, added to the listings.

Q. How much does it cost to add a link to the directory

A. Links with reciprocal link back to our site are FREE.

Q. How do I view and edit the links I have added?

A. It is not currently possible for users to edit their own links once they have been added. If you wish to change the information either re-submit the listing using the Add Business form and we will delete the old one for you, or contact us with the details you would like changed.



Classified Ads

Q. What are your classified ad listing guidelines?

A. We accept musicians wanted ads from bands seeking new or replacement members, or singers/musicians seeking bands to join and for singers and musicians seeking employment. We also accept listings from venues or promoters who are searching for artists and entertainers for their events and showcases and from Record Labels A and R who are searching for new talent. Ads for 2nd hand equipment for sale/wanted by individuals are also accepted. We DO NOT ALLOW advertising from venues requiring PAY TO PLAY or companies offering their PAID/COMMERCIAL services as these may be placed in the BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

Q. How do I submit an advertisement to the Classifieds?

A. Go to the Classified Ads page and click ‘Place an Ad’, then select your location from the drop down box, click next, then fill out the form provided. Please ensure you include a VALID email address as this is required to send you the access key that enables you to edit your classified ad!

Q. How much does it cost to include an advertisement on the Classifieds?

A. Submitting a classified ad is currently free of charge.

Q. How do I edit my classified ad?

A. To edit your ad, go to the Classified Ads page and click Edit Existing Ad then enter the email address and access key into the fields provided then click Continue. In the next screen edit your listing then click the button to save.

Q. I have lost my Classified Ad access key – help!

A. Go to the Classified Ads page and click Edit Existing Ad then in the next screen click Resend Ad Access Key which will then be resent to the email address you entered when submitting the ad.

Q. How to I delete my Classified Ad?

A. All ads are automatically deleted after 30 days, however, if you have sold your goods and need to delete it before then please use the contact form, enter all the ad details (title, description) and we will delete the ad for you.

Q. I placed an ad but it hasn’t appeared – what happened?

A. All submissions are reviewed prior to addition. If your ad has been removed it is because it breaches our advertising guidelines.

Q. I want to include some of the paid options on my advertisement, how do I pay?

A. It is currently free to include a classified ad. Once the paid options have been activated, you will have an opportunity to review and pay for them via Paypal.

Q. I don’t have a Paypal account…. can I pay by any other means?

A. No. Paypal is our only payment method.

Articles and Reviews

Q. Do I have to register to submit an article?

A. Yes. Registration is required to submit an article. Please note that we will NOT edit articles for you that require updating!!

Q. How do I submit an article or review?

A. To submit an article, press release or review, login and click New Post, select a CATAGORY for your article FIRST, then enter the title, text, image content into the fields provided. When you have finished editing click Publish.

Q. How do I edit an article?

A. To edit an article, login and in the admin control panel under the Post section, click Edit and scroll down the list of articles until you find the one you wish to edit. Hover your mouse over the title and a drop down list will appear – select Edit if you wish to edit text content on the page or Quick Edit if you just need to change the categories or tags. When you have finished editing, click Publish button to save and display the article.

Q. Can I submit a review about a signed established or well known band/act/song or album?

A. Sure, but it must be YOUR work and not just a copy of someone elses work 😉

Q. What about unsigned bands/acts – can a fan or a band member submit a review??

A. Sure, we welcome hearing about new unsigned artists… again… see above!

Q. Can unsigned artists/bands submit a press release about their latest tour or CD release?

A. Sure!

Q. Does the review/article or press release have to be about a UK artist or band?

A. No! You are welcome to submit an article on any live music act or band.

Q. Can I copy and submit an article written by someone else?

A. Only if you have the written express permission of the author or the article has been released into the public domain by submission to a free article content provider. In either case, all formatting, credits and links to the authors site and to the article provider must be retained as is, plus all Terms of Service of the article content provider must be followed.

Q. How do I submit an article, review or press release?

A. To submit an article, click ‘New Post’ link located in the left hand Main Menu column and use the form provided.