Rock It! May the 4th Be With You

Look out sci-fi fans, this months Rock It! has a space twist! Whether the bands are doing space-themed songs or sound like they’re FROM outer-space, this one’s sure to satisfy your inner sci-fi geek. So grab your kara kesh, lightsaber or bat’leth and come join the space nerd action with:

Dr. VZX Moist
Without frills Dr VZX Moist is a rock power trio, with the guitar, the bass, the drums. Without gills they’d surely drown underwater. Let Dr VZX Moist be your daily loaf of bread. Let Dr VZX Moist be your travelling elephant trick show. Let their name become chanted in the swing park death circles of the future. Let them in.

We are a hard working hard rock band from Glasgow!!!
Enjoying every minute of what we do as it truly is our passion!

Glum Psychadliac trio.

Acoustic musician from Glasgow, doing songs that centre around a time travelling rockstar Cowboy and his eventual takeover of a planet of evolved cats.

Hit the link for the official event page:


End of transmission.

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