KEVIN MCDERMOTT + GUESTS – Live at the Village Inn

Delighted to announce KEVIN MCDERMOT will be playing an ACOUSTIC show upstairs in The Village Inn in East Kilbride on Saturday 28th October 2017.

Kevin is wildly regarded as “one of the finest songwriters and performers of his time” SOLO and with his group ‘The Kevin McDermott Orchestra’ (KMO), he has written and recorded countless classic tunes over the last twenty years and is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s most talented songwriters, Kevin recently completed a set of songs for the “Absent Voices” an ambitious Art project in Greenock and is still one of the biggest draws on the live circuit……

Tickets are only £12.50 each and available from the venue…. And securely online via

Mother Nature's Kitchen

by Kevin Orchestra Mcdermott [River Records UK]
Price: £8.70 EUR 13,59 EUR 12,74 EUR 15,99


by Kevin Mcdermott Orchestra [13]
Price: £8.79 EUR 10,94 EUR 10,94 EUR 10,94

River Sessions

by Kevin Mcdermott [River Records UK]
Price: £3.83 EUR 26,31 EUR 19,99 EUR 32,32

Wise to the Fade

by Kevin Mcdermott [Proper]
Price: £10.67 EUR 12,46 EUR 10,30 EUR 11,66

For Those in Peril from the Sea

by Kevin McDermott Orchestra [Tula]
Price: £3.65 EUR 6,64 EUR 3,59 EUR 12,46

Fair and Whole

by Kevin McDermott Orchestra [Tula]
Price: £14.90 EUR 39,68 EUR 15,73 EUR 2,87


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