Jimi Hendrix

By Sharon White

In 1960s there was an R&B wave. Little Richard and Isley Brothers were the most popular musicians. Jimi did not feat in their company and couldn’t fully realize his potential.

Hendrix moved to New York in the mid-’60s, making waves in various clubs while hooking up with blues rocker John Hammond, Jr.’s band. While […]

Lori Nuic Sparkles

By Farris Green

A soulful vibe along with an amazing voice is what Lori Nuic is gifted with, she got the crowd grooving as she performed at Launch Pad at the Cameron House for the first time.

This young starlet started out by playing a big part in a high school musical, Leader of the Pack, bringing […]

Launch Pad Introduces Subliminal

By Farris Green

Who would have ever thought that a call out for a guitar player from the audience would turn into such a wow! Beginning the night off at Launch Pad playing excellent covers of Eagles and Jimi Hendrix it could only follow by something as extraordinary as beat boxing.

Subliminal was the one who amazed […]

The British Invasion

By Farris Green

The Kasabian concert at the Kool Haus seemed like a concert somewhere in England (even though I haven’t been there). This band out of Leicester pumped out amazing electronic, rock beats with an amazing light show. I’ve heard them on the radio with their hit “Club Foot” and have noticed them gaining more […]

Surfing With Style On The Big New Wave

Moody, miserable and sneering like Billy Idol, the front man of The Boomtown Rats was the vastly opinionated and occasionally angry Bob Geldof. After forming his band in a small, sleepy town near Dublin, Ireland in 1975, he led the way for the era of meaningless new wave. With Johnny Fingers on keyboards, Simon Crowe […]