Daniel Maitland

I don’t know whether it was the tacos and chilli dipping sauce on my table, or his self-depreciating humour, that made me warm to Mr Maitland before he had played a note. But from the moment he got on stage to explain he had lost his harmonica this troubadour had the audience, and myself, in […]

The Ting Tings - How They Got To Number One

The Ting Tings are this year’s biggest indie success. The Ting Tings were hatched in The Islington Mill, a bohemian enclave of Salford, Manchester. Tainted by their previous experiences of the music industry, the duo (singer/ bass drummer/ guitarist Katie White and singer/ drummer Jules De Martino) stripped back their sound, focused on […]

Closet Monster's London Spicoluk

By Farris Green

Way back in November I found myself at the Casby Awards after party trying to socialize with whomever I came across. One person who I chatted with that night was a guy named London Spicoluk, from the band Closet Monster. At that time I haven’t heard of them but I remembered his name […]

High Powered Rocket Boots

By Michelle Duffy

Thrown forward as one of the greatest self made singer/songwriters of the twentieth century, Elton John was, to most, that geeky, yet overly flamboyant looking guy in ’larger than life’ sized spectacles jumping wildly at a piano. Forever set in ebony and ivory along side the likes of Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, […]

Would You Trust This Man...?

By Michelle Duffy

Declan McManus was best known to his new wave following as that inventive, romantic and somewhat controversial songwriter who went under the name of Elvis Costello. When embarking on the adventure of analysis of one of his many albums, one must first have to assess which one of his vast album contribution to […]