Rachel Scott - Aint No Lady

Over all I would say that Ain’t No Lady has a huge mixture of musical content going on not only in the

Instrumentation but also the styles – from hip hop, pop to hints of commercial dance music going on there is truly something for everyone.

It’s also very clean there is no bad language in […]

His Heaven

By Michelle Duffy

After a sell out tour, the long awaited solo album from David Gilmour, landed on our shelves this year proving to his long standing fan base that this middle aged ‘grumpy old man’ can still make the grade by giving us music to dream, reflect and inspire by. The self composed ‘On An […]

Metal Gods Of Hope And Glory

By Michelle Duffy

Probably the most unlikely successful heavy metal band ever to come out of an unassuming Birmingham was the unbeatable, unstoppable Judas Priest. Named, surprisingly after an early Bob Dylan track (and it is here where the connect between Judas Priest and folk music starts and stops,) this motley bunch of guys looking like […]

Out On The Wiley Windy Moor

By Michelle Duffy

Catherine Bush recorded her first demo under the financial guidance of Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Presenting it with shaky hands to giants EMI, they signed her and she quickly issued her first single. The self penned ‘Wuthering Heights’ went straight to number making her the very first British female solo artist to […]

Mark Knopfler's "Brothers in Arms" Phenomenon - 20 Years On

By Susan Dagostino

Is it nostalgia, or something more?

This weekend, Radio Veronica in Holland announced that Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms from 1985 was voted by its listeners as the #2 album of all time, being edged out by another mega-CD from the 80s, U2’s The Joshua Tree.

In February, at the 48th annual Grammy Awards, Mark […]